Cleaning a Bedroom
Doesn't Need to Be a Struggle

Make it a game!

Whether the struggle is internal or between you and your kid, gamification can remove the reluctance and overwhelm,
and make it easy - and even fun -
to get a tidy bedroom.

If you’re experiencing any of the following...

  • daily anxiety and guilt for how messy your bedroom is

  • overwhelm paralysis because you don't know how to tackle the mess

  • you've grown blind to the mess until someone pops over and you feel ashamed for the condition your home is in

...then you most likely have already tried

  • to find the perfect cleaning routine or weekly chore schedule that finally would turn your struggles into effortless housekeeping, but failed to follow them for more than a couple of days.

  • different checklists but they're never a perfect match for your needs and then you talk yourself out of following them altogether.

  • different chore apps where you spend hours figuring out and entering all the tasks you need to get done but after that you feel so accomplished (and exhausted) that you don't actually get to the execution part...

I feel you, that's exactly what I tried (and failed), too!

Tell me another thing, have you ever been addicted to a game?

Games can make you do things that wouldn't sound very interesting if you had to do them without the elements that make games fun. Or how do "remove all the candies from the grid" and "organize cards with numbers and symbols on them in matching stacks" sound like if you were obliged to keep doing them day in day out?

Game elements can make all the difference!

One example of them is the instant reward after just the right amount of challenge - like seeing the matching candies disappear with a nice sound effects and fireworks, or the joy of finding just the right card for the stack.

So why don't we use the power of games to make cleaning more fun?!

Let me introduce you to ...


an interactive, gamified online tool

that turns bedroom cleaning into a game

For the price of coffee and donuts (one-time payment!) you'll get a tool that

  • makes it simple and fun to get your (or your kid's) bedroom tidied up and cleaned time after time

  • takes away the overwhelm of not knowing where to start and what to do

  • requires minimal mental effort from you: just complete the Quest at hand - no need to decide what to do next or worry about the big picture

  • gives you short and direct Quests with options to customize the task to your individual situation

  • entertains you with goofy GIFs, silly Easter Egg animations, and the most rewarding "DING!" sound ever when ever you complete a task

  • eliminates nagging and pleading

Tired of feeling overwhelmed by bedroom clutter?

Gamify Your Room is here to help!

Get your dopamine flowing for the price of coffee and donut!
(Pay once, clean your room over and over again!)

User Testimonials

"If you are looking for a fun way to get a room cleaned, check out Gamify Your Room. It is fun and engaging for all ages.

It made cleaning my room a game instead of a chore."


”"Thanks, Ilona, for this totally awesome app! I managed to clean up the bedroom, and for the first time, maybe ever, I didn't get tired towards the end. Instead, I got more energy from doing it. I think it's because I knew exactly what needed to be done at that moment, and my mind didn't wander to the trouble spots in the room 😊 The instructions were clear, and the tasks were just right in terms of quantity. I especially liked the gifs and other fun stuff. This really worked for me."”

- anonymous user

So What Gamify Your Room Actually Is?

  • Gamify Your Room is built on a gamified online course platform but it isn't a course in conventional sense.

  • It is a web-based service, so you can access it on any device that has an internet browser, eg. your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Later there will be a mobile app, too.

  • It has Missions ("Clean your bedroom") that are divided into 10 Quests (eg. "Collect any dirty laundry").

  • You can binge a whole Mission in one session or eg. do just one Quest a day. You decide the pace!

  • Each time you complete a task, you'll earn points accompanied by a satisfying "Ding!" sound. You'll also earn badges and unlock surprises.

  • Every now and then, you'll uncover silly easter egg animations to cheer you on.

Dopamine is the neurotransmitter for motivation.

Games engage the brain to release dopamine.

So what could be a better way to motivate yourself (and/or your family) to clean than using gamification?

For the price of coffee and donut!
(Pay once, clean your room over and over again!)